Why Is Crossbow Hunting Legal In Some States And Illegal In Others?

This is a burning question in the minds of many crossbow hunters. I’ve also wondered myself why this is. Since a crossbow is no more deadly than a rifle or a bow. It’s about in the middle. It shoots similar to a rifle but shoots distances similar to a bow https://absolutesurvivalist.com/best-crossbow-for-the-money.

If you read the rules and regulations for each state you’ll see that each state has very different rules and regulations when it come to crossbow hunting. A lot of states only allow crossbow hunting for people with disabilities or for certain species. While we think this is great, it’s still hard to comprehend why they don’t open up crossbow hunting to all sportsmen.

The state I live in which is Utah allows crossbow hunting only to persons who are disabled. For big game hunting that is. I can still hunt coyotes, rabbits and some other species with a crossbow but not big game animals. Then there are many other states that allow crossbow hunting for wild hogs only. Most likely because wild hogs are not native to America and are considered a nuisance.

Then there’s the state of Alabama that permits crossbow hunting during the whole deer season. With a population of over a million whitetail deer it’s not surprising.

Arkansas requires that your bow has a 125 pound pull and a mechanical safety. And they also require that you use 7/8 inch wide broad heads.

Crossbows are one of the oldest living weapons in the world. There are still some police forces in Asia, namely China that still use crossbows in their arsenal. To me that’s very interesting. Can you imagine seeing a police force whip out a crossbow and use it to protect themselves or to take down a dangerous criminal? So this type of weapon definitely has a good track record and has been around for centuries.

While it’s frustrating for crossbow hunters it’s something we have to live with at the moment. However it’s not something that we have to accept and not do anything about. It’s up to us hunters to bring this type of hunting out in the open and question our state’s Wildlife Resources Office. We need to push them to make this type of hunting legal. It’s up to us to paint this weapon in a good light, so more states will embrace it and make it legal for all types of hunting.

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