Car Detail Shop considerations

Auto detailing is indeed an interesting market sector and over the past 27-years we have detailed just about everything under the sun. We have studied the market to determine where the greatest opportunities lie in the detailing industry. What many fail to realize is that there are times when a detail shop fixed location is the best option as opposed to a Mobile Detail Trailer. For instance in certain regions where weather is seasonal for outside detailing and artificial conditions have to be created to conduct operations find this.

Working in an artificial environment has its challenges. Lighting is a big issue. Artificial lighting can make it tough to see spots on the vehicle that were missed or not completed to the show room finish you are looking for in a completed detail. This can be counteracted in a number of ways; Specialty lighting, reflective flooring and walls, mirrors and natural light from the outside through windows and skylights. In a shop, which can at times need to be fully operational 24/7 it is necessary to pay important attention to these considerations.

A shop also has advantages over the mobile operations in weather such as low temperatures, dense fog, high winds, ice, hail, and rain. Such conditions do not allow products to work their best for the best possible results. In certain regions and various times of the year production will slow down without proper consideration to weather conditions. An enclosed operation can also help in keeping workers happy out of rain, wind, heat or freezing weather. We use space heaters in Reno, NV and Bozeman, MT in the shops in the Winter time along with special lighting and reflective surfaces. The shop in Vancouver we have some of these capabilities as needed. It rains a lot in Washington in the winter and therefore the necessity to have an enclosed and moderate temperature environment is important.

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